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About us

Born and raised on Haida Gwaii we grew up on these fishing grounds, literally...

DAAWXUSDA in the traditional Xaayda Kil (Haida language) means "West Coast", and it's where you'll be spending your day(s) fishing the best Salmon and Halibut fishing in the world. A unique place on earth, the West Coast of Haida Gwaii is full of surprises. From bear and deer on the shores heading out, to seals, sea lions and whales on the water be sure to have the cameras ready.

We aim everyday out on the water to give everyone the best experience possible... Give us a call or e-mail to book your fishing day(s)

Did you know:

  • Haida Gwaii means  "Islands of the people"

  • Haida people have called Haida Gwaii home for more then 13,000 years

  • Haida Gwaii is home of Anthony Island or "Sgaang Gwaii" a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Just to mention one more time...THE BEST HALIBUT AND SALMON FISHING IN THE WORLD

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Our boat and gear

Here at Daawxusda we fish a comfy 2325 Kingfisher that is fully licensed and fully guided. Outfitted with everything needed to put the fish on deck

Gaandll Taa.nga Jaada- 

Salt Water Lady

2325 Kingfisher Coastal Express

  • Fully heated cab

  • Fully functioning head

  • All safety gear aboard vessel

  • 12V phone and tablet chargers 

Fishing gear

We only fish the highest quality gear for those big fish!!!

  • Islander reels

  • Shimano speedmaster/ Talica Rods

  • Scotty Downriggers

  • Mustang PFD's


Fishing grounds

Gwaaygiids Kaahlii or Cartwright Sound is located a scenic 45 minutes from the Daajing Giids harbour. On the way you'll pass through the "Skidegate Narrows" where depending on the tide you'll see bears, deer, otters, and other wildlife. Once through the "narrows" we get into Cartwright Sound where we'll fish the areas we grew up on, a few to be named are:

Skidegate Point

Buck point

Marble Island



mike guide pic.jpg


Michael Gladstone was born and raised on Haida Gwaii. Spending his younger years outside fishing and hunting with his older cousin, grandfather, and whoever he could get to take him, he has a lifetime of local knowledge both on the water and on the land.

Being a family man with a wife, daughter, son and dog who enjoy the outdoors as much as him you can catch them on the boat or beach most days on Haida Gwaii.


"Giving people the same smiles and lifetime memories as me and my little family, is what ultimately made me want to guide and what makes it so fulfilling at the start and end of everyday". 

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